Colloque organisé par le CSO, IMT Atlantique, IRSN et ORANO, du 13 au 14 décembre 2018 à Montrouge:

«Lessons Learned»? Studying learning devices and processes in relation to technological accidents

Édité le 2 Octobre 2018

The second aim of this conference is to foster a debate around the different methods and approaches through which scholars are understand learning processes, as well as the social and material conditions that render these studies possible. This includes methodological issues such as access to fieldwork and data, as well as the prospects, opportunities and limits of transforming social science research into operational lessons for government and industry actors.

The conference will be organized around three themes.

Learning devices and the production of knowledge and ignorance. Industry and regulatory agencies are increasingly engaged in R&D activities. These activities not only produce data on the way technological systems used in regulation and prevention activities work, but also provide blueprints for narratives following adverse events.

Organizational procedures and learning. Organizational procedures and devices like operational experience feedback, peer reviews or incident reporting systems aim to create vigilance, render signals of deviance visible and analyze incidents continuously. Lesson learning becomes an increasingly formalized and routine procedure in many organizations that may transform regular organizational practices and temporalities.

The politics of lesson-learning. Announcements of lesson learning after accidents and crises often lead to proposals for institutional and political reforms that serve to signal change and legitimate socio-technical systems, regulatory agencies and policy makers for events that might otherwise be framed as failures or opportunities for challenging actors on their industrial policies.

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