Colloque à Washington, du 29 mai au 2 juin 2019 :

Law and Society avec la participation de Sylvain Brunier, Renaud Crespin, Jean-Noël Jouzel, Jérôme Pélisse et Romain Juston

Édité le 27 Mai 2019

L’association Law and Society organise son colloque annuel.

Dignity embraces justice, rights, rule of law, respect for humanity and diversity as well as a commitment to human engagement, subjects that have been central in the law and society tradition. Dignity is a core idea in many different legal traditions and is shaped by a variety of struggles. It provides a bridge across cultures intersecting with diverse values and identities. Recognizing this central idea as our theme when we meet next year in Washington D.C. – at a moment of social anxiety and global uncertainty – focuses our attention on the promise, values and unrealized potential of dignity and will highlight the role of values we examine law in society.

Plusieurs chercheurs et un chercheur associé du CSO font des présentations :

- Physicians As (Non)intermediaries in the Monitoring of Occupational Health Issues in Agriculture avec Jean-Noël Jouzel, Sylvain Brunier et Giovanni Prete, Iris Université Paris 13

- Acclimatazing Drug Testing Tools to French Workplaces: The Role of Learned Society and Service Providers in Times of Legal Uncertainty avec Renaud Crespin, CNRS - SciencePo - CSO

- Assessing Bodies and Relieving Souls to Implement the Law? The Facets of the Role of Legal Intermediary in a Large Bureaucracy par Romain Juston, CEET et ancien post doctorant et chercheur associé au CSO

- Rethinking Regulators: The Role of Legal Intermediaries par Jérôme Pélisse

- Rethinking Regulators: The Role of Legal Provisions and Tools
Discussant: Jerome Pelisse

- Understanding Administrative Justice in the Private Sector avec Avishai Benish, (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) et Jerome Pelisse

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