27-29 juin 2019, 31st Annual SASE Conference New-York (USA) :

Fathomless futures : Algorithmic and Imagined avec l’intervention de plusieurs chercheurs du CSO

Édité le 22 Avril 2019

We all live our lives forward, facing uncertain futures, yet social scientists feel most comfortable explaining the social world through causes rooted in the past or through the constraints and resources lodged in the present. Such explanations omit an important step: both historic and structural forces are refracted through the set of expectations people have about futures they imagine. Those forces are activated by the anticipation of what lies ahead.
As no significant utopian political or economic alternatives are on offer, history appears to resemble a driverless car that is oblivious to our intended destination. The absence of a desirable and credible future in the public imagination makes inequality and injustice even harder to accept, fostering desperate resistance, resignation, or false nostalgia for golden pasts that never existed.

Le CSO entretient des relations de partenariat avec SASE depuis plusieurs années.

Plusieurs membres du CSO interviennent à la 31eme Conférence de SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics) :
« Fathomless futures : Algorithmic and Imagined ».

- Les chercheurs

Daniel Benamouzig
Corporate Political Activities of the Agri-Food Industry in France: Beyond Influence and Conflict of Interest

Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier
Undermining the Values of Capitalism. the Use of Shame-on-You Prize Strategies By Social Movement Organizations

Christine Musselin
When Competition and Cooperation Clash: Contradictions in the Reformed Governance of the French Higher Education and Research System

Etienne Nouguez
Monitoring Drug Markets : From Biomedical to Social Valuation The Vicissitudes of the French Drug Agency (ANSM)

Olivier Pilmis
Mini-Conference Organizer: Futures and Visions of Global Orders

- Les doctorants

Audrey Harroche
The Local Interpretation of European Policies for Excellence: The New Excellence Hiring Process in French Academia

Anne Moyal
Multi-Professional Practice in French Primary Care: Toward a New Form of Labor Division Among Gps and Paramedics?

- Un post-doctorant

Hadrien Coutant
Monitoring Drug Markets : From Biomedical to Social Valuation The Vicissitudes of the French Drug Agency (ANSM)

- Des chercheurs associés

Simon Bittmann
An Endogenous Production of Compliance to the Gdpr? Regulatory Capitalism at the Digital Age

Clementine Gozlan
Professional Activism. Contestations Against the Reforms of the Scientific Profession's Governance

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==> Date et lieu : 27 / 29 juin 2019 à New York City, USA