Doctoral Seminar : Program 2019-2020

Created: 10 September 2018

The weekly CSO doctoral seminar constitutes an important arena for the exchange of ideas and critical examination of research activities and results. Most seminars are given by and for CSO researchers and PhD students, but some are opened up for guest lecturers and a wider audience.

This seminar is held at the CSO (19 rue Amélie, 75007 Paris), every Friday (10 00 am-12 00 pm).

Seminar leaders : Anne-Laure Beaussier and Olivier Pilmis

This CSO doctoral seminar is for the CSO members and the affiliated researchers. "If you want to attend, please contact one of the seminar organizers: Anne-Laure Beaussier or Olivier Pilmis

Program 2019-2020

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