Doctoral Program

The CSO's Doctoral Program is an integral part of the Laboratory's activities.

From its inception, the CSO has privileged the reception and supervision of doctoral students as a preferred way to expand its capacity for research, to ensure the renewal of its human and intellectual resources, and to extend its influence.

This has led to the creation and formalization of a doctoral program, which manifests the collective commitment of the CSO’s team of researchers, research professors, and administrative staff to the center’s graduate students.

The CSO’s doctoral program is directed by Jérôme Pélisse, who is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the implementation of the diverse actions that concern the program. This program, which involves the doctoral students in every aspect of the center’s scientific work, aims to:
- contribute to research training, especially by way of doctoral seminars. These seminars bring together the center’s researchers on a weekly basis, creating a space for intellectual discussion on cross-cutting themes of interest to all doctoral students;
- help articulate research questions and results (seminar presentations, availability of secondary readers to give feedback on a thesis chapter or an article);
- provide writing assistance (through the “articles” seminar, for example);
- aid in the acquisition of related professional research skills in order to prepare them for job markets both within and outside of academia. In addition to their teaching experience, doctoral students are brought to acquire diagnostic and thesis monitoring skills; they learn how to respond to calls for proposals, participate in conferences, and become comfortable promoting their research (through contact with journalists, etc.). They also acquire skills of a more technical nature, such as the organization of conferences and workshops.

Graduate students admitted to the CSO must have funding to cover living expenses for the time they spend working on their dissertation (e.g., a grant from the French Ministry of Research, scholarships from Sciences Po or the CNRS, foreign scholarships, CIFRE conventions, or multi-year financing contracts).

Graduate students are allocated a fully-equipped office, with a computer and an internet connection, for four years. CSO equipment (photocopiers, printers, etc.), and Sciences Po resources (library, databases, etc.) are likewise placed at their disposal.

Click here for more information (in French) [pdf]: Droits et devoirs entre le CSO et les doctorants.